How long does it last?

1 year shelf life.

That depends on your willpower and the size! For example, the Personal size about 10-15 minutes. The I might share size-20-30 minutes, If I don’t save some for a second or third sitting! It’s ok to share size should get me through a week If I keep it to myself! I may need a snack intervention!

Does it have sugar in it?

Yes, organic cane sugar in our Granola Trails.

No added sugar to our Chips.

How do you dry the fruit?

1. We carefully hand select our fruit. 2. The fruit goes through our detailed cleaning process to ensure the fruit is completely clean. 3. We gently place each slice on the tray and begin the dehydration process using proper temperatures and time.

Why do some of the apples have that brownish color?

The apples naturally change color when exposed to air. We don’t use preservatives, not even lemon juice to prevent this natural process. Keep Snacking Simple (KSS)

What makes NutFrusion snacks healthy?

1. KSS!! 2. NO harmful chemicals and NO additives or preservatives . 3. Locally sourced, hand-selected fruit. 98% of our ingredients are listed on the "Super Food List.” So does that make NutFrusion snacks "super" snacks? Let's just say they are super delicious!