We know what you're thinking … “Can healthy really taste this good?”

I am not a dried fruit fan… But when I tasted the Strawberry Pineapple; Apple Strawberry and the Sweet Apple Pecan mix they were delicious. Which I purchased one of each.He was kind enough to tell me his story and it made me appreciate the fact that he was able to make these delicious and healthy snacks. I will definitely spread the word about NutFrusion!!
 —Debbie Yepis Keyler 
I absolutely love Nutfrusion! My husband and I bought the passion gift baskets and gave them as hosting gifts for Christmas and the holidays. It was so refreshing to be able to gift a healthy gift basket option and our friends and family really appreciated that as well! The flavors taste amazing and the combination of green apples, strawberries and kiwis are creative and beautiful! They look great on cheese boards when we entertain. I highly recommend Nutfrusion and will be ordering more in the future! Thanks again for providing a healthy snack for us to enjoy!!
—Susan Jarakian Kazanchyan
I live in Texas and absolutely love these, by far my favorite snack!! Everytime I visit California I make sure to stock up, and love how I can now order online! I would strongly recommend, everything is always fresh and taste amazing!
—Reanna Gomez
I received the kiwi strawberry frusion as a gift. I absolutely love it. I was looking for healthier snacks to add to my NutriSystem plan and I think I found it!
—Sessahlee Mansinon
I absolutely love all the flavors I have tried especially the fall frusion. A great product!!!
Gabriela Lezama-Olson

“Kraisinberry is HELLA GOOD for real you did your ting with those snacks bro! Man they should be selling that at Sprouts & Trader Joe’s! That honestly was the best nut snack I’ve ever tasted!”
— Andre Flemming

“By far beyond delicious I’m talking about Savory nuts Savory fruits such as strawberries, mangoes, apples, kiwi all types of surprises in every bite! Throw out them bag of chips and pick up some nutfrusion snacks for life!! If you don’t know now you know...”
— Adia Campbell
“The absolute best tasting healthy snack I have ever had. Everything i have purchased taste delicious and it is a struggle to make them last. My girlfriends favorite Christmas gift was the kiwi-strawberry fusions that I got her and she wouldn’t even share them with me. 10/10! ”
— Keifer Graham

“Got my order! I paired these awesome nuts and dried fruit mixes with my homemade beef jerky to make the kids snacks for school. Highly recommend!” “A friend of mine made muffins with your Power Mix (Sweet Apple Pecan) and the kids loved it!” When asked about serving size. “ It does recommend a serving size of a few ounces I think... I don’t bother to read it. When I pack small snack servings for kiddos it is about 8-10 servings. When I eat it, it’s like 6-8 servings and when my husband eats it, it is only about 4 servings!”
— Mary Sutton